Schülerzeitung des Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Gymnasiums Greifswald


Who is Travis Pierce?

For the past few months, Travis has been at our school. Some of you might know him from lessons or seen him walking around the school or Greifswald. We wanted to get to know him better, so we asked him a few questions that came to our mind while having lessons with him.
First we wanted to know how he ended up at our school. Travis stated that his placing was very arbitrary. With the program that brought him here, he applied for Germany, but not Greifswald in particular. He wished for northern Germany, and it didn’t matter if it was Mecklenburg – Vorpommern, Schleswig – Holstein or Niedersachsen. And although the placement was by chance, he is thrilled about being placed with us.
Travis is going to be at our school for the whole year. At the moment he is in the years 8,10,11 and 12. He is supporting English classes by doing presentations, and offering linguistic advice and style as a native speaker, but he could also teach history. He might even get the opportunity to teach on his own by the end of the year.
Because Travis is also sitting in our class (11b, Mr. Rosenthal), he’s getting all the information about our “Studienfahrt”. Unfortunately he isn’t allowed to come with us. He wishes everyone an exciting and adventurous time on the fascinating island of Malta.
He studied biology and history in California and Texas, and finds any topics related to the ocean to be fascinating, especially after working at an aquarium teaching visitors about the local animals over the summer. However, he hasn’t decided yet if he wants to go to grad school or get a job after he is back in California.
To get to know him more in person we wanted to know what he likes to do in his free time. Travis likes to go outside and be active. It doesn’t matter if he is riding a bike or going on walks. Travis also holds a passion for traveling. He would at some point in the future like to visit Norway, Iceland or Japan.
The weather is not always the most forgiving and he can’t always be outside. Sometimes he is inside playing video games or watching TV, especially cartoons or animations such as Futurama. Some non-animated shows he recommends are ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ and ‘What we do in the shadows’.
At the end, we mostly talked about food. A great passion shared by everyone. We told him about everything he should try at the Christmas market (which he did and liked) and in return, he enlightened us about the wonders of Mexican food.

Nachtrag: Travis kommt mit auf Studienfahrt der 11b. Was uns sehr freut!

Travis, Lena and Alex